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Benefits of Using Best Coin Operated Washer and Dryer for Your Staff Accommodation, Hotels and Apartments

Why choose the best coin operated washer and dryer for staff accommodations and hotels?

Who doesn’t love the feeling of wearing freshly laundered clothes? Clean clothes, hygiene as well as presentation, there’s a lot behind the need for washing clothes. The pandemic has amplified the need for cleanliness and hence it has become pertinent for hotels, staff accommodation complexes and other commercial establishments, to look at cost-effective yet efficient laundry services. It is no longer just about providing clean towels and sheets, but about ensuring that it is easily available for all to use. This is where coin operated laundry machines in Dubai come into the picture. A coin operated washer and dryer offer not just a safe and reliable system, but also gives more flexibility along with high efficiency.

The best part is that commercials no longer impact the choice. If buying, or even procuring a coin operated washing machine for sale is not an option, coin operated laundry equipment suppliers can easily offer the machine for rent for the period required. This scenario works perfectly well for organisations with a flexible workforce. To understand why coin-operated washers and dryers could be good for Your Staff Accommodation, Hotels and Apartments, let’s look at how it works and the benefits it offers.

No prizes for guessing, Coin operated washing and drying machines otherwise known as laundromats are machines that allow individuals to pay and use the pre-installed clothes washing machines and dryers. Very often businesses choose to outsource their laundry operations, however, in recent times having on-premise laundry has become more of a necessity. There are many benefits of having a coin-operated washer and dryer in-house.

Benefits of Using Coin Operated Washer and Dryer for Your Staff Accommodation, Hotels and Apartments

Saves Money & Time

If your company puts employee wellbeing at the forefront, then why say more? Having an in-house coin operated washer and dryers allow the staff to utilize their time on other tasks. The time and effort to take the clothes to a commercial laundry service is removed from the equation. In addition, the employees can control the wash cycles, hence regulating the wear and tear of the linen. A coin-operated washer and dryer at the staff accommodation in Dubai would help the staff save a lot of money and time in comparison with opting for commercial laundry services. It would work quite similarly for hotels and apartments.

Easy to Use

The biggest perk of having coin operated washers and dryers is that it is simple to use. Be it the hotel staff, the residents of the apartment complex or the employees staying at the designated accommodation, simple instructions are all they need to get the clothes washed and dried fast and quite easily.

Meets Customer Expectations

Most customers these days expect to have more control over laundry processes, and coin operated washers and dryers are just the right answer. Not only does it eliminate the dependency on commercial services, but also gives the customers more control over how and when their clothes are washed. The pay option on coin-operated machines also cuts down on any billing complications.

Reduces Manpower

For Staff accommodation, hotels and even apartments handling the laundry in-house would mean manpower and manpower hours. Installing coin operated laundry machines on the other hand cuts down on the need for staff to oversee the machines, or for collecting clothes and handing them back, etc.

Offers Larger Capacity

In addition to speed, coin operated washers and dryers offer greater machine capacity. For meeting both individuals as well as business needs the high capacity of the laundromat can save many hours of loading and unloading small batches. This saves not just time, but electricity and water too.

Opting for the Best coin operated washer and dryer can help in saving money and time for employees, offer a self-service option in hotels for laundry too, not limit the services to dining alone. Installing coin-operated machines at hotels can help guests enjoy their stay while keeping their laundry worries at bay. At staff accommodations and apartments, coin-operated washers and dryers assist in making lodgings more comfortable for employees, hence allowing them to enjoy their stay in Dubai. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee. Using a coin-operated washer and dryer enables washing more clothes at once, reduces water and electricity consumption, and gives more time to relax.

E-Smart – the best coin operated washing machines and laundry equipment supplier in Dubai, has helped numerous companies and institutions in experiencing the benefits of on-premise laundry. During the past years, we have not only helped clients benefit through cost savings, but also improved quality and efficiency by providing water-saving washers and energy-efficient dryers.